Review: His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet

1869: 17-year-old Roderick ‘Roddy’ Macrae has just brutally murdered three people in the remote Scottish village of Culduie. He stands calmly in the road, covered in their blood, and informs his neighbours of what he has done. There is no question of his guilt. Roddy’s story unfolds amid the competing voices of his own prison memoir, court testimony, newspaper […]

Review: Beyond the Rage by Michael J. Malone

Guest reviewer, crime writer DOUGLAS SKELTON, discusses the latest thriller from MICHAEL J. MALONE. All families have secrets. Some are more deadly than others. In Michael J. Malone’s new book Beyond the Rage (Contraband, 2015), we find out more about Kenny O’Neill, the decidedly dodgy best friend of DI Ray McBain in both Blood Tears […]

Review: Gone are the Leaves by Anne Donovan

Gone are the Leaves marks a bold departure from the Glaswegian sandwich bars, alcoholic fathers and painter-decorators that have populated Orange Prize-shortlisted author Anne Donovan’s previous novels. Set in an undefined medieval period (probably mid- or later thirteenth century, given the allusions to a brewing civil war in Scotland), it is a sweet tale of love that recalls the courtly […]